Anvis Hud – fly during the night like a day fly

The Anvis / HUD (Advanced Night Vision System / Head Up Display) offers to the pilot operational capability 24 hours a day. Allows the pilot to keep his attention on the external environment at the same time that the flight information is projected onto his field of vision, at night (when integrated with NVG) and during the day.

The system can be installed on any type of helicopter, with or without bus and can communicate with other aircraft systems. Eliminating the need to constantly dividing his attention between the panel and the external environment, the use of Anvis / HUD reduces the pilot fatigue and ensures a better mission performance.

The solution for 24 hours missions

The system consists of a converter unit data signal (SDC - Signal Data Converter), a HUD-Night module, a HUD Day module and a control panel.

The HUD Night module, mounted on a standard NVG, presents flight information superimposed to the night image provided by the NVG, which reduces the need for eye and head movements to observe the instrument panel. Different symbols tied to specific mission selected by the pilot to increase situational awareness, and the symbology used with compatible instruments.

The HUD Daytime module increases security and situational awareness in the daytime operations, complex maneuvers and especially in adverse weather conditions. The module is "plug and play" interface attachable to the same HUD Night. Allows operation "head-out" in daylight conditions of low visibility, can be used as training to use the Night Anvis/ HUD module.

Main characteristics

- Can be adapted to any NVG
- The brightness of the symbols can be adjusted to suit ambient light
- Allows operation HOCAS in both posts cabin
- Viewer independently for each pilot
- Allows quick disconnect and safe egress
- Complete system, low consumption and excellent relation cost-effective