MSR-3400 - Tactical BLOS Multiband Ultra-Lightweight Manpack Satellite Terminal

MSR-3400 is a portable, rugged and compact fully integrated ultra-lightweight manpack satellite multiband
communication (SATCOM) terminal, designed for rapid deployment in the most demanding and hostile environments. The MRS-3400 delivers satellite broadband voice, data and video connectivity in the battlefield, as well as in special operations, intelligence missions, homeland security, first response and disaster recovery theaters.

Portable communication

The MSR-3400 comes with two parabolic reflector options, 26 inch (65 cm) with a total weight of less than 26 lbs (12 Kg), or 36 inch (90 cm) with a total weight of less than 29 lbs (13 Kg), and is packaged in a single carry case or backpack. The MSR-3400 features multiband support with field interchangeable X, Ka and KU modules with multiple modem and BUC power options enabling over 5Mbps data rates.

The MSR-3400 was designed to comply with MIL-STD-188-164A, WGS, MIL-STD-810F, ITU and FCC requirements. Equipped with an interactive manual assisted graphic interface control, the MSR-3400 was designed for one man operation, typically requiring less than 5 minutes set-up time to satellite acquisition.