mTMR - manpack Tactical Multimedia Router

In Net-Centric operations, coordination and information sharing between distant combat groups and their command centers have traditionally been hampered by mobility and radio range constrains. Elbit Systems’ mTMRTM was specifically designed to overcome this challenge by providing a unique portable solution for routing multimedia (Voice, Data & Video) streams.

Essential operational information—available wherever it’s needed
The mTMR interconnects non-IP with IP radio networks, enabling multimedia information to flow seamlessly between Combat Net Radio (CNR) networks and WAN IP radio networks - SATCOM, Microwave Data Link, and others. It therefore serves as ‘soldier-carried multimedia relay’ that ensures connectivity with distant command posts and other operational platforms, regardless the unit’s location and the nature of the terrain.

A military-grade, powerful multimedia routing solution easily carried by the foot soldier
Consuming very low power driven by the radio batteries, the mTMR features a slim footprint and is easily carried by a single infantry soldier. The rugged, compact and lightweight mTMR unit conveniently fits into the soldier’s combat vest.

State-of-the-art technologies
The mTMRTM combines advanced field-proven technologies for multimedia routing. With an intuitive operation method, mTMR supports voice, data & video streams exchange between separate CNR networks and a WAN radio. mTMR supports half/full duplex channels with multicast & unicast multimedia dissemination.

RoIP Interoperability
The mTMRTM implements RoIP—Radio over IP technology, for conferencing voice sessions between CNR users and VoIP terminals at the command center. mTMRTM incorporates a VoIP gateway with standard SIP (RFC 3261) protocol for interoperability with common VoIP terminals and SIP phones. mTMRTM enables voice tunneling between tactical radios, LAN/WAN interfaces and a local hand-set. mTMR’s DSP provides voice activity detection and silence suppression, along with advanced vocoders support. Together, these features enable the mTMRTM to make an optimal use of the available IP bandwidth.

Data & Video dissemination
The mTMR realizes a data and video routing solution between heterogeneous networks to overcome the major challenges which characterize the tactical network’s environment, including dynamic topologies and unstable connectivity. Performing a unified “tactical internet”, the mTMRTM Linuxbased architecture reveals standard IP interface for data and video applications, together with H.264 video server capability for multicast video dissemination.