AEL Sistemas is developing some of the most advanced suite of electronic kc390, including Mission Computers, Systems and Self-Protection Countermeasures DIRCM and SPS, respectively, HUD and EVS.

- Computer mission: provides resources for the operation of the software responsible for the integration of key mission systems as datalink, tactical radar, self-protection system and calculating the launching point loads.

- Self-protection systems and countermeasures: increases situational awareness and survivability in hostile environments, allowing the aircraft to detect and respond to various threats. The KC-390 has unique requirements in terms of survival missions launch loads, airborne assault and infiltration and exfiltration of troops. The DIRCM is the most modern and efficient system for infrared countermeasures for missiles. The equipment uses a laser generation based on fiber optics, capable of generating a beam of energy to inhibit and deflect missiles from miles away. The high level of integration with SPS DIRCM benefits generates optimized in terms of performance, weight and installation.

- HUD: provides information on the pilots' field of view during all phases of flight.

- EVS: functionality landing in low visibility that will allow the KC-390 to operate safely in adverse conditions. A color camera, installed in the cabin will write the pilot's vision overlapped with the information generated by HUD for review missions.

  25/Out/2011 AEL Sistemas vai fornecer mais sistemas para KC-390 da Embraer