LORROS - Recognition and Observation System of Long Range
Lorros® MKII is a electro-optical system of recognition and observation of long range. Composed by day/night cameras and thermal, the system allows unattended operation or centralized in integrated network, with encrypted data transfer and of high quality.
System characteristics
• Surveillance system of long-range based on thermal day / night cameras with continuous optical zoom
• Suitable for protection of ports, airports, borders, coastlines and critical location
• Day and night cameras of long range
• Full control distance and multi-channel video transfer
• Choice of multiple thermal cameras
• Choice of multiple CCD cameras
• Rangefinder laser to precise location of target (optional)
• Pedestal pan & tilt to movement control of high precision compensated by zoom
• Network with open architecture that allows flexibility in the sensors choice
• Can be connected to any system of C4I (command and control)

Image processing:

• Static and dynamic images on screen with graphics
• Generation of digital panoramic image
• Image on Image Function
• Electronic Image Stabilization
• Images in real time
• Provision for Video Motion Detection
• Choice of Auto Focus