New radar and electronic system expand maritime patrol capacity


The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) received, on Tuesday (15/09), the first P-95 Bandeirante Patrol (Bandeirulha) modernized. The aircraft, with registration number 7103, will be used by the Phoenix Squadron (2nd / 7th GAV), located in Florianópolis (SC). In total, the FAB will have eight modernized units.

P-95 Bandeirulha is employed in the monitoring and surveillance of the Brazilian territorial sea

The modernization process, carried out at the Afonsos Aeronautical Material Park (PAMA-AF), increased the operational capacity of the aircraft used in the maritime patrol.

The P-95M, its new name, has the Seaspray 5000E radar and is capable of detecting large ships up to 370 kilometers away. Similar to the one installed on the P-3 Orion aircraft, the new radar also allows you to record high-resolution images during scanning.

"Overflying the Island of Florianópolis we can see radar vessels in the port of Paranaguá," compares Phoenix Squadron Commander Lieutenant-Colonel Pierre Gonçalves Bastos about one of the possibilities of imaging the new equipment.

Now planes can track up to 200 targets simultaneously, perform terrain mapping and detect aircraft, among other features. The new navigation systems offer greater precision, which is fundamental for an aircraft that flies over the sea without visual references. Communication systems have also been replaced.

O painel da cabine materializa as novidades em relação aos sistemas eletrônicos. A suíte aviônica integrada facilita a ergonomia e a consciência situacional do piloto, reduzindo a fadiga durante do voo. A interface digital também permite a visualização das informações, provenientes de diversos sistemas embarcados, de maneira mais simples e amigável.

"The new P-95 reaffirms the cutting-edge projection of this aviation, which is at the forefront of the South American maritime patrol," says Air Force Second Commander (FAE II), Air Brigadier Roberto Ferreira Pitrez. Phoenix Squadron

Performance - The aircraft should be operated by Phoenix (2nd / 7th GAV) and Neptune (3rd / 7th GAV) squadrons, located in Florianópolis (SC) and Belém (PA), respectively. Together with the P-3AM of the Orungan Squadron, which operates from Salvador (BA), the P-95 are responsible for the monitoring and surveillance of the exclusive economic area and, through international treaties, also the Brazilian continental shelf area. The information collected helps combat illegal fishing, piracy and environmental crimes, among others.

The aircraft are also employed in search and rescue missions on the mainland and in the territorial sea, and also in international and deep waters, where Brazil is responsible for an area corresponding to 10 million km2.

Test flights - The first P-95M flew on December 18, 2013. Since then, it has conducted test flights with the participation of the Phoenix Squadron and the Flight Research and Test Institute (IPEV). The test campaign aimed to analyze the performance of all aircraft systems. Other aircraft are already in PAMA-AF for systems deployment.

The modernization project, which also includes 42 Bandeirante C-95 aircraft, also involves the structural revitalization of aircraft received in the 1970s.

Source: Agência Força Aérea