AEL Sistemas presents innovative defense and security solutions at LAAD Defense & Security 2017


The company will showcaseat the largest Latin American Defense trade show equipment for Gripen NG, SISFRON and COBRA, in addition to the innovative “Terrain Following” System; RPAs, electro-optics, C4I and communications will also be promoted

In the year of its 35th anniversary, AEL Sistemas presents a diversified and innovative portfolio at LAAD Defense & Security 2017, highlighting the company´s commitment with the local market, delivering differentiated products and technologies, and latest generation customized solutions, already recognized internationally. One of the highlights of the company´s booth is the cockpit for the new Brazilian Air Force fighter - Gripen NG, which integrates an intelligent panoramic display, the Wide Area Display (WAD), the Head Up Display (HUD) and Targo™, Helmet Mounted Display (HMD). In these more than three decades of operation, AEL Sistemas reinforces its commitment to meeting customer needs, with the evolution of Brazil´s defense industrial base and the training of highly qualified Brazilian professionals for the development of critical military technologies.

"We are committed to strengthening and developing technology for Brazil´s defense systems. We train and maintain a team of high qualified Brazilian engineers and scientists able to develop advanced systems and solutions of strategic interest for the country, keeping the knowledge and domain of sensitive technologies on Brazilian hands. Our participation in strategic Brazilian Armed Forces’ projects such as Gripen NG, KC-390, Guarani and SISFRON - Integrated Border Monitoring System - demonstrates the important progress we have made in this sector ", says Sergio Horta, AEL Sistemas´CEO.

Unprecedented for the public, AEL presents the "Terrain Following", a guidance system that enables safe and low-altitude tactical flights as close as possible a selected height above ground level, providing optimal flight and tactical situational awareness. The system development was supported by FINEP. In this project, hundreds of real and simulated flight hours have already been performed, proving the success of this innovative Brazilian project.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS)

Another highlight is the product line of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), ranging from the Skylark™, category 1 RPA for tactical use, and Hermes™ 450, up to the Hermes™ 900, category 4 RPA for strategic missions. The last two platforms are fully operational by the Brazilian Air Force.

Optronic systems

It will also be show cased electro-optical systems for special missions such as the Spectro™ XR, multispectral and long-range infrared system that can be installed on several types of platforms, as well as CORAL-CR, an advanced thermal vision binocular with laser pointer, which can be used in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition missions, one of the systems adopted by the Brazilian Army in the SISFRON program. These equipment from SISFRON are being manufactured at AEL Sistemas’new eletro-optical production line in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

C4I and Communications

AEL will also present products and technologies in the Command, Control, Communications, Computing and Intelligence (C4I) area for the Armed Forces, both for individual soldiers and for weapons systems and sensors. Among the solutions presented, is a last generation integrated system for the Brazilian Future Soldier Project (COBRA), with emphasis on the Raptor™ - individual soldier´s computer, thermal-vision electro-optics, which increases soldier’s situational awareness, lethality and survival. The system is modular and suitable for different types of scenarios, possessing a high degree of similarity with equipment already manufactured by the company. In military communications segment, AEL will present the family of HF, VHF and UHF radios, tactical and vehicular, long range, and data link for aerial platforms. These equipment are all Software Defined Radios (RDS), which allow greater flexibility and security for military communications.

Training and Simulation

Training and Simulation is another AEL Sistemas major focus area and the company will present the portfolio of products for ground and aerial training in the Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) simulation segments. In AEL´s booth, Mission Training Center concept will be shown, whose operational focus is the tactical and technical preparation. In addition, the LCTS (Live Combat Training System) will be presented, a live training and simulation system based on sensors and laser emitters for ground troops and land platforms.

Ten years of ASH program

This year the company celebrates 10 years of the ASH (Avionics Software House) program, which sent the first AEL Sistemas´Engineers to Israel with the aim to be trained and prepared for critical areas of software development and, in subsequent stages, in Systems Engineering, hardware and mechanics. The knowledge acquired was fundamental to prepare our engineers and scientists to be able to execute the new development projects, from the C-95 / P-95 avionics modernization program, whose last aircraft were delivered to FAB in the of 2016, to the current WAD and HUD development for Gripen NG project, contributing to the development of advanced technologies to the country.

Event: LAAD Defense & Security 2017
AEL Sistemas´ booth: Pavilion 3 - O60
Date: 04 to 07 April 2017
Hours: 10am to 6pm
Local: Riocentro Exhibition & Convention Center | Salvador Allende Avenue, 6555, Barra da Tijuca | CEP 22780-160, Rio de Janeiro / RJ, Brazil