Homeland Security - Safe Border

Surveillance, Control and protection of land borders

The Safe Border security solution is an advanced system that includes several integrated functions in a unique environment of command and control, and allows monitoring and controlling remote border ranges and extensive in any weather conditions. The system consists of advanced electronic sensors and mobile observation platforms, capable of detecting attempts to breach the borders and diligent monitoring of suspicious movements.


System description:

- Radars of human detection
- Video surveillance of long range and thermal imaging
- Laser distance measure to inaccessible points
- Electronic Fences with intrusion sensor
- Underground Sensors of seismic movements
- Hierarchical local, regional and national Command and control centers (C2 / C4I)
- Mobile surveillance vehicles
- Possibility of use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
- Interface and data transmission to the border patrol forces
- Redundant architecture



- Solid experience in project and implementation of systems
- Solutions based on military technology field-proven
- Possibility of integration with other security systems
- Solutions focused on user needs
- Support guaranteed throughout the life cycle