Homeland Security - Safe City
Customized solutions to attend the management and operational needs in the fight against urban threats

The Safe City solution includes remote surveillance technologies, content analysis, real-time monitoring, advanced communications and operational capacity to manage events for handling crises, imposition of order, traffic control and emergency situations. Integrated in a common environment of command and control (C4I) and regional control centers (C2), the solution works as a unified center for all official bodies of the city.




• CFTV urban system with content analysis:
- Acoustic sensors with detection of noise from the broken glass shooting
- Local speakers and microphones to support to the control center
- Recognition of license plate
- Environmental fire detectors, smoke and hazardous materials
• Broadband communications - private data networks
• Command, Control, Communication, Computer and Intelligence (C4I)
- Situational Awareness Common to all official bodies in the city
- Videowall with selection of images and applications
- Communications and monitoring of emergency services (EMS)
- View support procedures for routine calls and emergency
- Interface and data exchange with the emergency call center
- Monitoring the state of the incident
- Designation of prioritized resources
• Recording, playback and archiving
• Generation of management reports



• Operational Planning
• Evaluation of scenarios
• Preparation of Forces
• Development of routines and procedures for:
- Managers and commanders
- Command and control centers
- All entities city officials
• Integration and coordination of all the elements of city management
• Central Unified Call