Homeland Security - Safe Ports

Vigilance, control and security manager and operations in maritime ports

The safe port solution is a vigilance system, recognize, management and data control in maritime ports, allows the port operations safety and efficient, in any weather condition.

Management of ship traffic system:

- Management of maritime operations data
- Planning and monitoring missions
- Situational Awareness of location
- Warning and detection of “invader” on controlled area
- Tactical graphics (Lighthouses, buoys, obstacles, borders, etc)
- Radar tracking of vessels
- Historic Route
- Anticipation of paths
- Route of collision and navigation


System description:

- Maritime Radar and surveillance cameras of thermal imaging of long range
- Direction-finder, Correntômetro and Anemometers
- Smart buoys of nautical signaling (wind conditions, currents, waves and location)
- Automatic identification system
- Integration of data from multiple sensors
- Redundant architecture with operational availability of critical system
- Possibility of use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles