Homeland Security - Safe Sites

Security in airports, petro-chemical and critical infrastructure

Safesites is a compose solution by advanced electronics sensors and electro-optical that made a safety net that detects invasions and allows effective actions of answers. The system is based by security sensors that cover the perimeter, access gates, waterways, intern open areas, builds and critical places.




- Central monitoring, command and activities control and events in safety places.
- Situational Awareness in the video view panel and monitors
- Display visual alarm of all suspicious activity
- Camera - "slave" on multiple suspects targets
- Management response procedures and transmission of messages for the forces
- Communication and data exchange with mobile patrol units
- Storage and retrieval of video, event and alarm system for training and superior analysis
- Monitoring and Remote control of all subsystems
- Redundant architecture processing and communications


System description:

- Electronic fence with vibrations sensor
- Barriers virtual Microwave and Infra-red
- Electronic sensors and gates of waterways
- Control Center with video cameras sector
- Video cameras for long and medium range
- Terminal of interior security
- Access control system
- Recording, playback and images archive