Air force training systems – EHUD

EHUD is an autonomous system of simulation tools and combat maneuvers. The system provides training for air combat and ground resources, including monitoring in real-time of the test, mission and debriefing. Using an advanced data link, the solution allows an unlimited number of participants, both in training air-to-air, air to ground, and electronic warfare.


System characteristics:


• The AACM* system in operation is the most used in the world
• No limit on training aircraft
• No need change to the aircraft
• Pod is transferable from aircraft to aircraft
• Already used on platforms American, European and Russian
• Data Link that allows the entry and departure from its network without the need for land planning
• Simulation of launching air-air and air-ground ammunition
• Notification of destruction and removal of the scenario in real-time
• Simulation of damage assessment
• Simulation of countermeasures
• Recharging weapons
• Navigation GPS / INS of high precision
• In combat, digital safety warnings:
- Collisions in the air
- Collisions with the ground
- Violation limit areas
- Violation of rules
• More than 100 programmable voice messages for flight and safety
• Network data link self-adjustable with high refresh rate
• Debriefing and advanced after-action analysis
• Debriefing stations squad level or laptops base level
• Complete synchronization VTR / DVR
• Ability to mission rehearsal using sophisticated CGFs