Training of Ground Forces Systems – operators
The Ael Sistemas offers a wide range of simulators of weapon systems and platforms. Using the latest technology, the company provides systems that can be used independently, attached or integrated with other solutions, for training of troops, crew, commanders, gunners and drivers.

Driving Simulators
The driving simulators for armored combat vehicles (ACV) are mounted on top of a movement platform, designed to give to the drivers the real-time training. The direction is permitted in any terrain and weather condition. The driving simulators save time and costs by providing strategic modular positioning, scalable and mobile, multi-AFV (Armored Fighting Vehicles), network based architecture and continuous network integration with relevant simulation systems.

ETCT (integrated simulator)
Coach Armored Crew (ETCT) integrates the simulation in subsystems operating of vehicle: control tower, shooting computer, systems self protection and C4I applications.
• The entire simulation (motor, IG, CGF, etc) Runs on a single board computer (SBC)
• Training can occur anywhere and anytime
• Networked Training is granted through the data channel

ATCT (Annex Simulator)
Coach Crew Armored Attachment (ATCT) is a mobile training system that consists in a station of instructor operation (IOS), a visual system and computer simulation. The ATCT can be connected to the vehicle and the fighting system, providing a complete simulation environment for the crew. The ATCT allows the training of various tasks and operational functions, such as day and night operations, using equipment of the vehicle, artillery practice, coordination and operation of sensors. Both ITCT as ATCT were designed to train formations interconnected network.

ITCT (simulator independent)
Crew Independent Coach of Armoured is a combat simulator highly advanced, integrated, multi-participant tactics, specifically designed to provide to the operators of armored fighting vehicle (AFV) the ability to perform a real-time training.
The ITCT is used at all levels, from individual to artillery precision until multi-stakeholder exercise combat team.

Main features of ITCT and ATCT
• Support multi-platform and projectiles ballistic
• Protections cabins light and heavy
• Exclusive control to the instructor - before, during and after action review
• Vision support for dynamic IR and other sensors
• Connectivity of tactical communication and BMS
• Solutions for transfer and forwarding
• Solutions HMD and widescreen with support for audio and video
• Windows environment software and commercial equipment
• Urban training and resources of LIC / OOTW

IGTS - training of infantry weapons System
The IGTS is a training solution of shots simulation for different types of weapons. The system allows the simultaneous simulation of several training rooms, without limit of participants.
Key features:
• Supports all standard operating arms (pistols, rifles and machine guns), mortars with recoil effects, as well as additional systems (C2, optronics)
• Account with unlimited training scenarios of the tactical point of view, with an audio visual environment in live 3D and generated forces by computer that can be set by the user (CGF)
• Includes analysis of the shots: hits / errors, target location, movement of the gun during the process of the shooting and scoring mechanism
• Contains a detection of target system based on laser (HDS) of high precision