Training of Ground Forces Systems - Live Training
The Combat Training System Live (LCTS *) is a solution for the tactical training of all forces. The LCTS provides a realistic, unified, fully independent, providing effective training in various fields - including urban areas - without the need for any installation at the place.
System characteristics: Main resources:
- Lightweight, safe, with emitting laser wireless and sensors that minimize the interference at the training and weapons systems
- Commonality and interoperability about embedded and dismantled systems
- Complete solutions for urban training, using urban navigation of soldiers (SUN) independent and highly accurate, eliminating the need of on-site installation
- Communication of advanced mobile broadband to data transmission of audio and video
- The Weapons Effects Simulation (WES) uses a laser adaptable to any gun or platform, controlled by an automatic software (A -SCAR)
- The application of the control center (mobile and fixed) offers realistic simulation for direct and indirect effects of the weapon, monitoring and analysis of training exercises
- Modular unit for the wireless warrior
- Communication system applicable based on WiMAX, appropriate for any area and number of trainees
- Coordinators acting as observers, controllers, or mentors