Naval force
The Training System for Naval Forces (NCMI) presents different combat situations and simulated detections superimposed of virtual targets, the same way that displays the real detections on the operating systems. The NCMI offers naval training aboard both on land and at sea.
Systems characteristics:  
• Maximize the cost-effectiveness of naval training through highly accurate simulation of the platforms in the air and at sea.
• Provides solutions to the naval exercises, both at sea and on land.
• Integration of virtual platforms in a real exercise in the sea to provide a training mode hybrid simulation.
• Interfaces with various combat systems, provide realistic data to C4I, radar, GE, sonar, weapons systems and other…
• Reach high level of security by dedicated training, ensuring safe operation of the vessel.
• The algorithms of the sensor detection allow the presentation of virtual platforms in real sensors.
• Models of weapons simulators with high fidelity for real and virtual training.
• Calculations of evaluation of destruction subject to ECM and evaison maneuvers.
• The capacity of the data channel of high efficiency and multiple layers allow the training range free and a consistent image among the participants of the training (ships and aircraft).
• Interfaces with other training systems, providing a complete combat simulation (like OBTS, instrumentation for air combat maneuvering system (ACMI), naval tactical trainers (NTT), etc.).
• The complete exercises of bilateral joint force can be easily conducted using virtual platforms, allowing a training of excellent cost effective.