Terrain Folllowing
The Terrain Following, in the development stage, has its design based on the integration of a tactical radar and a computer. The database has information on high terrain providing safe flying at low altitude, day and night, providing better situational awareness to the pilot.

Benefits System in Mission

• Operating
- Flying at low altitude precision, day / night in any weather conditions and lighting (night, fog, clouds, etc.).
- Prevention of detection by enemy radar
- Ability to anticipate the information the visual horizon

• Security
- High level of protection against Controlled Flight Against Land
- Significant reduction of pilot workload
- Improved Situational Awareness - VFR

• Innovation
- Fusion of radar data acquired in real-time with pre-defined data from DTED (a standard database of terrain elevations)


Terrain data:

• DTED Level 1
- Global coverage
- Resolution - elevations every 90 meters ~
- Vertical Error <30 meters
- Horizontal Error <50 meters

• DTED Level 2
- Partial coverage
- Resolution - elevations every 30 meters ~
- Vertical Error <18 meters
- Horizontal Error <23 meters