Power Supply Systems for Satellites
With over 15 years experience in the space industry, the AEL Sistemas has been developing and producing electronic equipment for the power supply subsystem satellite INPE.

Project and Development:

• Design, development and manufacture of Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) for the Brazilian Complete Space Mission (MECB)

• Design, development and manufacture of 10 DC / DC converters for INPE

• Design, development and manufacture of 8 DC / DC converters, Shunt, BDR, BCHC and support equipment and test for INPE

Main technical characteristics:
• Redundancy cold or hot (depending on the equipment) • Automatic switching between main and redundant or via remote control

• Signs of status

• Shunt Power Equipment (power controller solar panel): 1344W

• Power Equipment BDR controller (battery power): 1820W

• BCHC - Hardware responsible for correct battery

• tolerant to any single fault

• use of SMD components on a large scale

• Immune to cosmic radiation

Facilities Qualification and Fabrication:

• Clean room class 100,000

• Trained and certified for mounting SMD components as per the norms of the European Space Agency (ESA)

• Cameras and shaker climate for environmental and mechanical tests

Training and Partnerships:

The AEL Systems participates in several programs for technology transfer with foreign companies, seeking partnerships that complement their training in the areas of design, development and production of equipment employment space / defense.