SkEye is an Air Surveillance System for Video to extensive areas - WAAPS that provides situational awareness in real time to multiple users. The solution enables continuous monitoring of large areas, intercepting events and keeping specific situations under constant surveillance through high resolution images.
System characteristics

• Continuous video Capture in high-resolution of extensive areas
• Allows multiple users, with the ability to recordings and video access in real time, simultaneously
• Provides high-resolution video image from a selected geographic area, with real-time transmission of video stations for monitoring land
• High capacity of video processing
• Archive video of air missions, allowing queries on demand, by location or event
• Acquisition of high resolution video on large geographical areas
• Video Storage acquired during the mission
• Capture and transmit video to multiple regions of interest (ROI) to the Land module
• Associate the video images with geographical coordinates
• Ability to process video in real time with movement detection and safe zones