Unmanned Turret - UT30BR
The UT30BR was design to meet a wide range of requirements, offering superior performance in various conditions of combat. Using the latest technology, the UT30BR is the result of the more than 30 years of experience in the development of systems of fire, acquisition and automatic tracking in gyro-stabilized of targets platforms.


- Electro-optical system fully integrated;
- Suitable for low and medium weapons of caliber, of different origins;
- Solid experience in supply of weapons systems;
- Compatible with various types of tanks, armored vehicles and boats;
- System in the process of nationalization ensuring technical and logistical support in Brazil;
- Program in progress for the Brazilian Army;
- Attend to the requirements of various military standards (MIL-STD).

- Light Tower, unmanned, retractable, ideal for use in rapid deployment forces, including transport in aircraft type C130;
- Armed with a 30mm automatic cannon and a coaxial machine gun 7.62 mm and smoke grenades launchers;
- Allows integration with anti-tank missiles, among others;
- Two independent systems of day and night observation, one for the commander and one for the shooter;
- It is mounted on the roof of the car, without taking up space inside, giving greater security to the crew
  - Computer system of direction and fire control, enabling high-precision shots during movement (continuous, gust or intermittent) with ammo counter;
- It also has protective shield modular OTAN standard STANAG 4569 level 2, expandable to 4, distributed throughout the tower, including the observing system of the commander, targeted by the shooter and ammunition;
- Has a laser warning system against external threats;
- Monitoring system has automatic target.