UAV - Hermes 90

The Hermes 90 is an UAV system with great autonomy and high reliability. Simple operation, it has two landing and take-off modes: launching through a catapult or runway take-off. The recovery can be done utilizing wheels, or at the field with the use of skis. Long range, excellent cost/benefit and low signature, the HERMES 90 can cover an area of up to 100 km radius and has a good payload carrier capability for reconnaissance, patrol and intelligence missions, among others.


Intelligence, Surveillance, acquisition and Reconnaissance target



-High quality images, in any weather condition, day or night, giro-stabilized with payload
-Completely autonomous operation, including camera guided flight
-Interchangeable landing gear (wheels and skis)
-Minimal logistic on ground
-Two automatic landing options: On short strip with wheels or in the field, utilizing skis
-Two automatic take-off options: On prepared strip, or by mean of a catapult when in vehicles and vessels
- Digital advanced and secure data link

Employee and missions:

- Intelligence and surveillance missions
- Acquisition and recognition of target in real time
- Adaptation to different scenarios and support to missions
- Monitoring and protection of convoy
- Capability to operate embedded in vessels
- Security of Critical infrastructures
- Control and support of calamities