UAV - Skylark I-LE

The unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and their on-board systems offer complete solutions, with excellent cost/benefit rate, allowing varied missions, such as border surveillance and monitoring, ports, slums, agricultural areas, forest and coastal areas, traffic and mainly as a support to military operations.


• Urban and agricultural operations
• Monitoring of interest areas
• “Over the Hill" Reconnaissance
• Accompaniment of convoys

• Autonomy - 90min
• Operation Distance - 15 km
• Day/night vision System (configurable in field)
• Time of assembly: 10 minutes
• Rechargeable batteries
• Maximum weight: 4,5Kg
• Wingspan: 2m
• Electric engine – very low noise
  • It allows the selection and accompaniment of targets
• Autonomous flight
• Operational ceiling: 15000 ft
• Speed: 40-100km/h
• Take-off: launching with sling or by hand
• Automatic landing (recovery with airbag)
• Complete kit carried by 2 people